ROC DES MOINES  IGP Pays d’Oc – Grenache 2016


And if the Rhône Valley was presented as a tale? From the Côtes du Rhône to the Costières de Nîmes appellations, passing through Châteauneuf du Pape, the chapters would tell about the exceptional Rhône viticulture expressed in the range of wines chosen with care by Caroline and Christian. Because they know how to read between the vines, Caroline and Christian discover with passion the treasures hidden along the banks of a great river.

As the fourth generation of winemakers on their property, and as passionate enologists in the Costières de Nîmes and the Côtes du Rhône appellations, Caroline and Christian have used their vineyard and winemaking experience to create a new collection of wines, wines harmonized around the variations of pleasures, without a false note: a perfect symphony of flavors and sensations.

The Roc des Moines is an abbey carved out of the stone hillside, where monks produced wine as early as the 12th century. Ever since, the abbey dominates over the great Rhône River.

Grenache Noir 100%
Terroir: Pebbles
Yield: 60 hectoliters per ha

Aging: 2 to 4 years


Alcohol : .0 % vol

Tasting Notes
Tasting notes: Cherry red. Spicy nose with red fruits. Notes of raspberries and cinnamon on the palate.

Serve at 18°C/64°F

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