APPELLATION: Vin Mousseux de Qualité (VMQ)
Since the late nineteenth century, a small number of Alsace producers have been making sparkling wine from the white varietals of the region. Following this tradition, Marquis de Perlade French Sparkling Wine was introduced in 1996. This Vin Mousseux de Qualité (VMQ) is produced from white varietals sourced from quality growers both within and outside the boundaries of Alsace.

Grape variety :Melon de Bourgogne, Chardonnay, Ugni Blanc, Pinot Blanc
(Varietal percentages vary from one vintage to the next to retain the elegant style of the wine.)
Trellis system; hand-harvested
Vineyard region: Alsace, Loire and Rhône regions
Yield: An average of 80-90 hl/ha

Traditional Method: whole cluster pressed; first fermentation transpires in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, transforming the must into still wine. Six months later, the different grape varieties are blended to reach the particular flavor profile of Marquis de Perlade with its distinguishing taste. Blended wine is then bottled with a specific yeast added to re-launch the second fermentation in bottle. The riddling process lasts a minimum of 12 months prior to disgorgement. Finally, the dosage is added to provide the brut style of this
blanc de blancs.
Bottle aging: 12 months aging on lees
Filtration: Microfiltration
Cases exported to USA: 1,850 cases (12/750ml)

Residual sugar : 11.6g/l
Alcohol vol. : 12.4 % alc./vol
Optimal drinking: Ready to drink upon release

Tasting Notes
Dates for the beginning of harvest for each Alsace AOC are set by decree, generally one hundred days after the median date of flowering, at the time when the grapes display the best sugar-to-acid ratio. Vineyards intended for sparkling wine must be declared in advance of harvest. Grapes destined for sparkling wine are generally picked a few days before those for still wine.

Pale yellow with fine bubbles sparkling in the glass. The nose is reminiscent of white almonds, kiwis and strawberries, with a trace of white flowers. Opening in the glass, this sparkling wine shows tasty notes of hazelnut, peach and yeasty baked bread. Well-balanced and harmonious in the mouth, the fruity acidity lifts the palate with an agreeable freshness. Spicy notes of pistachio linger on the long aftertaste.

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