“Famille DOUBLET – Bordeaux”

From a great line of mariners, the DOUBLET family has been rooted in the vineyard of Bordeaux since end of the 18th century. They have devoted themselves to the culture of the vines and making amazing wines.

The property to the predestined name, Vignol, belongs to history, because it belonged to the Baron de Montesquieu during the 18th century!

This place located in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers, which has welcomed the family for three generations. In the 1970’s, Bernard and Dominique Doublet developed their vineyards, in order to produce an Entre-deux-Mers dry, crisp & flavorful white wine, with the highest quality.

In 1987, looking for new flavors and new challenges, they crossed the Garonne river, to invest in the village of Beautiran, North of the Graves area: Château Tour de Calens was reborn!

Since 1996, their children, Alexandre and Jean-Thomas joined the family Estate and added a new impetus.

This dynamism is all the more clear in 2009, when they decided to explore the Dordogne River’s other side, in the prestigious Saint-Emilion Appellation, to purchase the magnificent Château Saint-Ange Grand Cru!

Today, each bottle with “three doublets” is represented by the heraldic name of the Dragonfly, and is exported in the four corners of the World!

Their wines reveal a delicate texture, elegant, extremely flavorful & well bodied texture, which tremendous ageing potential!

Their hard work, dedication to high quality white & red wines have been successfully recognized by earning many Awards throughout international competitions!

Producers’ Selection

Chateau Saint-Ange – 2012

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Chateau Haut Champion – 2015

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Chateau Tour de Calens – Red – 2012

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Chateau Tour de Calens – White – 2013

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Map of the region