This traditional family of independent wine-growers has been producing great Chablis wines since end of the XVIII century. Sixth generation in activity.

Our Estate applies a moderated viticulturally policy. We use some natural control mechanisms to reduce the yields. The organic fertilization made according to the analysis of petiols, the balance and the control of the nutritional value of the vine according to the analysis of the soils, the withdrawal of persistent weed killers, the return of the ploughing ……. ensure the protection of the environment, the respect of our soils, and your health. Today the handpicked harvest, the wine-making and the maturing of our wines with traditional methods combined with new equipment’s and new disciplines allow you to discover the character and the prestige of our wines of « terroirs ». Each stage is a combination of natural processes and human intervention, requiring patience, knowledge, discernment and flair. It is important for us to work in harmony with nature and save the patrimony for our future generations and never forget the notion of « terroir ».

All our wines come from the Estate; they are matured and bottled by law at the Estate by the LAROCHE family.

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