Founded in 1821 Château La Gorce, a magnificent property, has always been classified as “Cru Bourgeois”.

After a few years of “break”, the Fabre family bought it and gave it a new life by replanting the entire vineyard and rebuilding new buildings in order to continue to cultivate the vines and to vinify in a traditional way, but with the support of all modern techniques thus offering every year, the best possible wine with the beautiful grapes that nature offers to us.

The good Terroir of Château La Gorce Medoc Cru Bourgeois and Château Canteloup Medoc, as well as the specific climate of the Médoc region, influenced by the proximity of the Gironde river, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, make it possible to have vintages that are different but always with high quality, full of distinction and character after ageing in oak barrels.

The vineyard of Château La Gorce includes 45 hectares  (100 acres), located in one piece all around the Chateau, it benefits from fertile clay-limestone rump.

It is a blend of noble grape varieties including 45% Cabernet Sauvignon for color, bouquet, and longevity, 50% Merlot for roundness and suppleness 5% Cabernet Franc and petit verdot.
Most of our wines are regularly rewarded and the 300,000 bottles produced each year are sold in more than 30 countries.

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